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A collaborative work with visual artist George Finlay Ramsay commissioned by Sound and Music for Interpreting Isolation call. Music on solo electric guitar. 

Seven pieces of music recorded in seven different non-studio locations  


A musical and textual series exploring the connections between music, loss and healing arising from a personal experience of delayed grief 25 years after the loss of my mother to cancer at the age of seven. These are songs from the deep, meditations and manifestations of loss, place and memory...and a hymn to hope in disguise.

This story was also featured in


For Songs of Loss and Healing homepage with complete music and text, click here 

Click here to watch videos

Click here to download music 

Dartmore Interlude 

Film collaboration with Amy Cutler using Floating up at the Sky from The Stillness Dancing awarded Special Mention for Best Foreign Experimental Film at Mikro FAF 2017

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